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Why Standardization is Important

The Committee on Accreditation of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Education (CATCVME) of the WATCVM was developed to represent the highest standard for TCVM education world-wide. Veterinarians that earn certification from a WATCVM-accredited institution confirm the best education and training in all TCVM modalities.


What is a Standard?

A standard is a comprehensive document that outlines requirements, specifications, and guidelines to ensure that materials, products, processes, and services consistently meet their intended purpose. In the context of TCVM, these standards ensure that practitioners engage in safe and accurate practices and education.

To view the WATCVM Accreditation of TCVM Programs Guidelines in its entirety, please click here.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a process wherein a TCVM training program or institution presents all the required details to CATCVME for comprehensive review. The program or institution is considered fully accredited when it is found to meet each rigorous standard.

Accreditation assures that:

  • graduates from WATCVM-accredited institutions have met competency standards to practice acupuncture on animals
  • employers have achieved specified learning goals to maintain high standards
  • well-educated practitioners are hired by college administration to teach both the theory and practice of acupuncture in veterinary teaching hospitals
  • the health and safety of pets are paramount
  • both TCVM and the broader veterinary profession progress through contemporary curricula


WATCVM Accredited Institutions

Chi U Logo

Chi University

Based in Florida, USA


Qi Academy Logo

Qi Academy

Based in Germany