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September 2022 Panama

Date: Sept 6, 2022

 "Missy" Feline, Calico, F/S, Age- unknown; estimating less than 2 years.

HX: “Missy” is part of a feral colony Ancon, Panama which is fed daily by good samaritans. She was believed to be hit by car around June 29, 2022. She received Injuries to pelvic area which resulted in neurological deficits in tail. She was unable to raise her tail and there was no pain perception in the tail.  Surgical intervention with tail amputation was performed Aug. 19. Post surgery her ambulation was ataxic in the rear end and urinary incontinence was reported.

The caretaker explained the situation and Missy was selected as a candidate for IVMgo program.  Unfortunately, only one treatment would be possible due to leaving Panama the next day. 

 Tongue red; Pulse- unable to take due to fractious. There was a fecal ball in the rectum which was easily expressed. Dry skin.

Western Diagnosis: Fecal Retention and Urinary Incontinence

Eastern Diagnosis: KID Qi Deficiency with possible KID Yin Deficiency

Acupuncture Treatment Principle: Tonify KID Qi/ Yin Deficiency; Qi Stagnation in colon.

Acupuncture Method: Cat was very fractious and difficult to hold.  To be treated she had to be held by the scruff of the neck with one hand and perform Aqua-AP with the other hand.  AAP was done with Vitamin B-12 1000 IU/ml 0.1-0.2 mls injected at BL-28; GV-1/CV-1; Shen Shu; BH; BL-65; KID-1.

Results: The caretaker reported she did not look constipated the following days and had some pep to her step. No limping or waddling was reported. She was released to join the colony on Sept 9. At this time, “Missy” is doing great and is described as a "social butterfly". She remains happy, healthy and doing well.

Discussion: This case shows how much we can help with just one treatment using AAP in a fractious cat stray cat. 

 Pictures (3) Day of treatment 


Picture of Missy being held by good Samaritan, Marjorie.


Picture of Missy face while she is receiving Aqua-Acupuncture. She was not too happy!


Picture of surgery site post Aqua-acupuncture


Day of release to colony on Ancon Hill, Panama