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  • October 2021 Conrad

October 2021 Conrad

Conrad is doing great! Humane Society employees have mentioned they are seeing improvement is the movement in his rear legs. He is still having soft stool but it is starting to become more firm, he also had a hookwork issue which is being resolved. He is doing great during his treatments and we while we will miss him greatly, we hope this sweet boy gets adopted soon!

Exam: Back-shu BL-20 and 21 sensitive during needling
Western Diagnosis: Possible hip dysplasia or early arthritis; painful hips; soft feces
Eastern Diagnosis: Mild spleen Deficiency, Local stagnation improving
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear local Stagnation  soothe Liver Qi, Tonify Spleen Qi
Acupuncture Method: Dry and Aqua

conrad oct                                       conrad oct 2

                            Yeah, I know I cute!                                                                                                Relaxing during dry needling