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Meet Lula

Meet Lula, she has lived at the Humane Society for the last two years. She has an Earth constitution. Lula is very sweet and will be treated again in 2 weeks.


History:Generalized arthritis and overweight.
Exam: Tongue: pale pink and slightly dry; Pulse: deep and weak, Left weaker than right side; Shen: good; Haircoat: dry, dull; Ear tips: warm; Nose: cool; Sleeps on cooling bed or regular soft bed. Decreased range of motion: hocks
Western Diagnosis: Osteo-arthritis
Eastern Diagnosis: Bi-syndrome with mild Kid Yin deficiency, Blood deficiency
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear local Stagnation of affected joints, tonify Kidneys and Kidney Yin, tonify Blood
Acupuncture Method: DN: GV-20; GV-14; BL-11; BL-17; BL-23; Bai-hui; BL-60 to KID-3; GB-40; LI-4 with KIV-3; SP-3


Exam: Shen: quiet Tongue: Pale and dry Pulses: deep, left weaker than right; Dry haircoat with flakes, dry pads. Body temperature: normal to cool. Decreased range of motion: hocks; doesn't want to fully extend the hips. Coughs if trachea is pressed. Wears a harness.
Western Diagnosis: Osteo-arthritis - especially the hips and hocks
Eastern Diagnosis: Bi-syndrome with Kidney Qi deficiency and Liver Blood deficiency
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear channels over affected joints, tonify Kidney Qi and Liver Blood
Acupuncture Method: DN: BL-17/BL-18/BL-23/Bai-hui/Shen-shu/BL-54/SP-10/ST-36/GB-40/LI-10/SP-6, AquaAP with B12: GB-29/GB-30/GB-40 (on the side I couldn't needle)/CV-22

Behr Doodle, he won't be still for Electro acupuncture and has a helicopter tail.

Exam: Shen: Great! Tongue: Bright pink to red Pulses: left side weaker than right Cool ears and nose, but still cool-seeking. Likes cooler weather lately. No sensitive points.
Western Diagnosis: Osteo-arthritis of hips
Eastern Diagnosis: Bi-syndrome with Kidney Yin deficiency
Acupuncture Treatment: Tonify Kidney Yin and clear channels over affected joints.
Acupuncture Method: DN: GV-20/GV-14/BL-23/Bai-hui/Shen-shu/BL-54/GB-34/SP-9/KID-3/LI-4 with LIV-3, AquaAP with B12: GB-29/GB-30/SP-9 because needle fell out when patient moved around.


Lula - 10/11/2022

 Lula 1 Lula 2

Lula 3


Lula - 10/29/2022

Lula 4Lula 5



Behr - 10/27/2022


behr 1   behr 2


behr 3  behr 4