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May 2022


Owner reports tongue at home is pink and not slimy. Cannoli is always worked up when we start his appointment. His tongue quickly turns pink once we start his treatment. Owner reports that Cannoli takes a few times getting up and down to lay comfortably. Sleeps well. Moving great! Food aggression with house mate (female pit bull) has disappeared. Other dog can approach his bowl. Cannoli shows no aggression to her. Another good note: Cannoli has lost some weight. Owner is feeding less. The photo below shows off his waistline.

Exam: Tongue: red, then pink Pulses: superficial; soft wiry; weaker on the left. Skin: red between toes, but drier today. Hot spots resolving.
Western Diagnosis: MPLs; mild allergic pododermatitis
Eastern Diagnosis: Liver Yin and Blood deficiency; Damp Heat in the Feet; Local Stagnation at stifles; Liver Qi Stagnation (resolving)
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear Local and Liver Qi Stagnation and Heat; Tonify Liver Yin and Blood; Drain the Damp
Acupuncture Method: DN: GV-14/BL-18/BL-20/BL-23/Bai-hui/BL-54/ST-36/GB-34/SP-9/LIV-3/KID-3/


Behr Doodle
Exam: He was just outside (HOT!) Tongue: red to pink, wet Pulses: superficial, soft wiry, weaker on the left. Cool-seeking, likes the cool, hard floor. Left hip - good extension and held it. Right hip - slightly less extension and did not want to hold position very long.
Western Diagnosis: Osteoarthritis of the hips
Eastern Diagnosis: Bi-syndrome with local Stagnation at the hips. Kidney Yin deficiency
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear Stagnation at the hips and tonify Kidney Yin
Acupuncture Method: DN: GV-20/GV-14/BL-23/BL-52/Bai-hui/Shen-shu/BL-54/KID-3/LIV-3/GB-41/ST-36 Aqua: BL-54/GB-29/GB-30 bilaterally. He has a thick helicopter tail which makes Electro AP difficult. Even with aqua in An-shen.


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