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Ocala July 2022

Cannoli will play with the female pitbull in the house for about 20-30 minutes. This is an improvement. He used to only play for a few minutes, then tire out. He will also let her eat out of his bowl. 

 Tongue: pink and wet Pulse: fast, strong, but weaker on the left; small areas of hairloss on legs; right eye has epiphora and is mildly red. Stifles are thickened and MPL on Left side is present.
Western Diagnosis: MPLs: Grade 2 on Left side; Grade 1 on right side
Eastern Diagnosis: Liver Yin and Blood Deficiency with Stagnation at the stifles
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear Stagnation at the stifles, clear Liver Heat, and tonify Liver Yin and Blood
Acupuncture Method: DN: GV-14; BL-18; BL-23; Bai-hui; Shen-shu; GB-34; LIV-2; LIV-8; KID-3; GB-37; GB-1, ST-1
Tui-na: Rou-fa on BL-18; Rou-fa around the orbits with attention to GB-1 and ST-1

Overall Behr Doodle is doing better getting up and moving around. It is very hot now and he doesn't get to go outside for very long.

Exam: Tongue: pink and moist Pulse: Behr will hold rear legs in full extension for a few seconds. Sensitive on Shen-peng and Shen-shu.
Western Diagnosis: Osteoarthritis of the hips
Eastern Diagnosis: Bi-syndrome with some local Stagnation at the lumbo-sacral area. Kidney Yin deficiency
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear affected channels, Clear Stagnation and tonify Kidney Yin
Acupuncture Method: DN: GV-14; BL-23; Bai-hui; Shen-shu; Shen-peng; Shen-jiao; BL-54; GB-41

DONATION NEEDED:  Behr would benefit from Di Gu Pi twice daily. (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Cannoli 1                Cannoli 2


     Cannoli really relaxed after GB-34 was placed.                       LIV-2 and GB-34 needles in place. Many times - Cannoli does NOT like his feet touched.




Behr 1                         Behr 2


                                                                                                      Behr Doodle enjoying his acupuncture treatment