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Meet Brix - Aug 2022

Meet Brix the fire personality. Brix, as a true Fire didn't allow EA or Aqua. Dr. Brannan will try next time. 

Exam: Brix has a torn CCL from several months ago. Limps slightly on Left rear. Constitution: Fire Tongue: pink, a little lavender and a little sticky Pulse: deep, thin, and both sides are weak, but right side is weakest Hair is dry; body temp = normal with no temperature preferences. On palpation: sensitive from BL-21--> BL-24; sensitive ++ from BL-42 --> BL-52
Western Diagnosis: left CCL tear
Eastern Diagnosis: 1. Stagnation along spine 2. Liver Blood deficiency 3. Mild Qi deficiency
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear Stagnation; tonify Liver Blood; Tonify Qi
Acupuncture Method: Only allowed a few needles/short treatment: DN GV-20; GV-14; Bai-hui; Shen-shu; right GB-34; GB-41; LI-4; LIV-3
Started on Tendon Ligament 90g


brix 1                  brix 2