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  • Ocala April 2023

Lula April 2023

Lula has been doing well since her last appointment in October 2022

Shen = great
Tongue color = pale pink with lavender and moist, no coat
Pulse = deep and weak, left side is weaker than the right side
Haircoat = normal to dry
Body temp = warm, but she was just outside where it is hot; food and water intake are normal; urination and feces are normal. Lula likes soft surfaces most of the time.
Behavior = likes some dogs, but certain dogs will set her off. (Fire or Wood constitutions).
Western Exam: Right rear stifle/rear leg = lameness has resolved. No reactive/sensitive points found.  Sprain or partial tear of right CCL - healing              
TCVM Exam: Local Stagnation; Liver Blood deficiency
TCVM Principles: Clear Stagnation and tonify Liver Blood  

Acupuncture: DN: GV-20; GV-14; BL-17/18; Right ST-36; Right GB-34; Right LIV-8 (Lula thought about snapping); Bai-hui; Shen-shu (right side sensitive to needle); Right GB-41 
Herbal: Rx Concentrated Tendon Ligament 0.5g capsules: 2 capsules twice daily.
Tui-na: Rou-fa and Nie-fa over BL-18; Rou-fa over Lateral right stifle

Lula's tongue became a rosy pink during her treatment. This can be seen in her photo. 


lula acu 1


lula acu 2


Lula tongue v1