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March 2022 Updates

Cannoli is doing great at his new home and received continued treatments with Dr. Brannan. He is doing better with his new housemate and his food aggression has decreased. We are so happy to hear he is doing well since his adoption.

Exam: Tongue: Pink, wet, no coat P: wiry, weaker on the left. Body temp: warm; cool-seeking, but improving to more neutral. Likes bedding more. Shen: great! No sensitive points. Hot spot present between BL-62 and BL-64 and also below GB-34. Eyes are tearing, slightly pink.
Western Diagnosis: 1. Medial Patellar Luxations 2. Hot spot dermatitis 3. Mild conjunctivitis
Eastern Diagnosis: 1. Liver Yin and Blood deficiency 2. External Wind and Damp Heat
Acupuncture Treatment: Tonify Liver Yin and Blood. Expel Wind and clear Damp Heat.
Acupuncture Method: GV-14/BL-18/BL-19/BL-20/LIV-8/GB-34/ST-35a/GB-37/BL-65/GB-41/LIV 2/GB-1/ST-1/BL-2



Behr Doodle was treated twice this month, see his most recent treatment below. He is still getting treatment for his arthritis and he has started showing signs of pain in his knees as well as his hips.

Behr Doodle
Exam: T: Bright pink and wet P: weaker on the left Nose: warm and wet Likes cool, hard surfaces
Western Diagnosis: Osteoarthritis at the hips and knees
Eastern Diagnosis: Bi Syndrome with Kidney Yin and Qi deficiency
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear Stagnation from hips and knees; tonify Kidney Yin and Qi
Acupuncture Method: DN:GV-20/GV-14/BL-23/Bai-hui/Shen-shu/BL-54/ST-35a/ST-36/GB-34/KID-3/GB-41/LIV-3/GB-21 AquaB12: GB-29/GB-30



A Happy Cannoli




Behr Doodle Acupuncture

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