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July 2022


 A big circular lesión Of 5x 5 cm alopecic, erythema ulcers and crusts also a lesion in the upper lip with ulceration, and inflammation for 9 years
Western Diagnosis: Carcinoma ( presumptive)
Eastern Diagnosis: Blood heat toxin , damp heat, yin and Qi deficiency
Treatment Principle:  Eliminate Blood heat, transform damp , Tonify Qi , move blood
Acupuncture Method:  GV14, LI4, BL20, LIV2, BL17, ST40 , surround the dragon
Additional Note: Surgery is proposed for the skin lesion
 Hip pain, nervous, red tongue, weak pulse, bites hind legs after being resting, low platelets due to ehrlichia
Western Diagnosis: Urinary incontinence
Eastern Diagnosis: Kidney Qi Deficiency
Treatment Principle:  Kidney Qi Deficiency
Acupuncture Method: EA GV14 + Bai hui, KID3, ST36, GV20, BL39, GB29, GB30, BL54
History: 3 legged dog, at 9 months old was rescued from the streets with one fractured leg. It was amputated. CKD, lumbosacral pain, overweight, Pu/ PD, tongue red-purple and wet, Doesn't want to walk, tired
Western Diagnosis: CKD (chronic kidney disease)
Eastern Diagnosis: Qi and Yin deficiency, Qi /Blood stagnation, damp
Treatment Principle:  Tonify Qi and Yin, move Qi and blood, dralón damp
Acupuncture Method: BL23, shen shu, BL20, BL21, ST40 electroap: GV14 + bai hui
History: 9 years old, when she was 2 months a cat attacked her leaving her almost dead, Hip pain, can’t position to urinate or defecate, can’t jump, play or lick her hind limbs. Sneezes frequently, allergic to fleas, has some hot spots due to fleas.
Western Diagnosis: Atopic dermatitis, Hip pain
Eastern Diagnosis: Blood and Qi Stagnation, Damp Heat, Wind
Treatment Principle:  Drain dampness, move Qi stagnation, eliminate wind
Acupuncture Method: Aquap GV14, GB29, GB30, BL60. DN li4, LIV3, GV20, BL54
History: Hindlimb weakness and pain, lumbar and left knee pain, worse in winter, more pain after resting, gets better after walking
Western Diagnosis: Left partial and chronic CCLR, lumbar discoespondiloarthrosis
Eastern Diagnosis: Kidney Qi deficiency, Qi and blood stagnation
Treatment Principle:  Tonify kidney Qi, move Qi and Blood
Acupuncture Method: LIV3, LI4, ST36, shen shu, BL60, Electro: GB 27 plus GB27, GV14 plus bai hui, BL23 plus BL 40, Aquaap: ST36, BL40, shen shu, lumbar HJJ, SP9, LIV8
History: 3 weeks ago this patient was jumping and started to have a right hindlimb limp. He received dexametasone and metilprednisolone for 3 days, but didn't improve. Now he has propioceptive deficiency in both legs, with good reflexes but low superficial pain. Purple tongue, weak pulse, cold hindlimbs, cold ears and feet.
Western Diagnosis: Lumbar IVDD (there isn't MRI images), lumbar inestability, narrowing intervertebral space from L4 to L7 (xrays)
Eastern Diagnosis:  Qi stagnation, qi deficiency
Treatment Principle:  move Qi stagnation, tonify Qi
Acupuncture Method: GV14 + baihui ea, es36, ve 20, ve 23, hi3, ri 1, ri3, ve 54.
aqua: hjj L2 to L7
Additional Note:
will continue with weekly sessions
History: Presents scratching and allergy 6 months ago. fearful but impulsive character. have red and dry tongue. Dry pads. red and dark skin in parts. The doctor prescribed prednisolona and ketoconale. But the scrathing continous.
Western Diagnosis: CCLR Dermatitis
Eastern Diagnosis: liver Blood Yin deficiency, wind, heat excess
Treatment Principle:  Eliminate wind, tonify blood. Clear heat
Acupuncture Method: LIV 3 BL18 20GB 20GV BL17 14GV
History: She had a lumbosacral fracture that had surgery. After that, she had hindlimb paresis, proprioceptive defitive and Urinary &fecal incontinence. We did therapy and now she came for a control: she is walking ok but has a lot of pain in left hindlimb . The urinary incontinence now is only when gets to happy. She still has fecal incontinence but no more diahrrea
Tongue pale and wet, prefers hot, wiry pulse, has two damo heat lesion in isqueon
Western Diagnosis: Lumbosacral fracture, urinary, and fecal incontinence
Eastern Diagnosis: Kidney and spleen Qi deficiency. Qi and blood stagnation, local damp heat
Treatment Principle:  Tonify SP and KID Qi, move qi and blood, drain local damp heat, Acupuncture Method: Electro: BL 23 plus BL54, Dn: ST36, LI4 LIV3 BL60, BL39, BL20, 21 , shen shu, Aquap: BL54. Surround the dragon, BL20, 21 shen shu

(photos coming soon, due to technical issues)
History: Wood personality, He has weakness in the morning, specially when he tries especially to stand up. Is very painful when we touch bladder point from 18 to 28, and BL54. purple tongue, he is always thirsty, warm and doesn't like clothes or blankets.
Western Diagnosis: spondylosis in L6, L7 and S1.
Eastern Diagnosis: kidney Qi and Yin deficiency. Qi stagnation in hips.
Treatment Principle:  tonify kidney Qi and Yin, move local stagnation in hips
Acupuncture Method: bowling points, baihui + gv14 ea, BL 23 + BL54 ea, BL40, KI3, BL60, shenshu
History: Disorientation, gets stuck in corners, walks without stopping during nights, general weakness
Western Diagnosis: Cognitive dysfunction, urinary incontinence
Eastern Diagnosis: Qi and Yin deficiency, Qi and blood stagnation in brain
Treatment Principle:  Tonify Qi and Yin, Move Qi and blood
Acupuncture Method: Dn: da febg men, BL20 23 14, SP 6 shen shu BL39 ST 36, Aquap: BL 20 21 23 ST36