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First Visit - July 27, 2021

First Visit - July 27, 2021

Dr. Suzy Brannan saw 1 year old, mixed breed, Josie and 4 year old, pit mixed, Conrad! Josie was a bit timid at first but then became a ball of energy looking for lots of attention and love with a bubbly personality and just wanting to make lots of new friends, definitely a Fire girl. Conrad was chill and sweet with an Earth constitution, he won't back down if another dog gives him any attitude, your typical pit, but he loves having doggie friends to run around outside with.

About Conrad
4 years old, MN, Pit Mix
Earth Constitution; perhaps a bit of Wood (reactive aggression)
Calm and attentive, quick reactions initially
Treat motivated

History: has lived at HS for 1 year
Western Diagnosis: loose stool frequent; rear limb lameness
Eastern Diagnosis: Liver Spleen Disharmony/ Local Stagnation of Hips, knees and hocks
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear Stagnation; Soothe Liver Qi, tonify Spleen

About Josephine (Aka Josie)
1 year old, FS, Mixed breed
Fire Constitution (puppy energy)
Timid at first but happy and excited once she knows you
People motivated 

History: Surrendered to HS by owner following traumatic injury.
Western Diagnosis: Luxated femoral head; replaced at HS under sedation. Lameness on Left rear leg
Eastern Diagnosis: Local Stagnation of Left Hip
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear Stagnation
Tui-na Treatment: Rou-fa on both hips


 kit IMG 3194                          kit IMG 3317

                                                                                                          Dr. Brannan prepping supplies

josie IMG 3368

                                            Josie enjoying her Tui-na session, Dr. Brannan was assisted by Humane Society Tech Colleen

josie IMG 3296                             josie IMG 3294

                                Josie getting acupuncture                                                          Josie licking WATCVM administrative coordinator Nabby's hand
                                                                                                                                                          in thanks after getting a treat

josie IMG 3290                      josie IMG 3240

    Josie's first electro acupuncture treatment, she gets very relaxed                            Josie enjoying the 'ear massage' as Dr. Brannan locates
                         and leans nearly entire against Tech Colleen                                                                       an inner ear acupoint


conrad IMG 3406                   conrad IMG 3441


            Dr. Brannan checking Conrad's leg flexability                                    Conrad's first acupuncture needle, he handled it like a champ

      conrad IMG 3453        conrad IMG 3478

                Conrade starting to doze off during acupuncture treatment,                                    Conrad giving Jennifer a kiss in thanks for helping    
                Humane Society Tech Jennifer keeping his head supported

conrad IMG 3530           kit IMG 3426

                             Conrad relaxing while his needles work                                                   Dr. Brannan working on her patient's exam forms


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