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  • Cannoli & Conrad Dec 2021

Cannoli & Conrad Dec 2021

December Updates for Cannoli and Conrad.

Conrad has some movement improvement however slipped recently. He was being fussy and didn't let Dr. Brannan take any photos.

Exam: Sensitive BL 18 and 20
Western Diagnosis: Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hips
Eastern Diagnosis: Local stagnation in the hips, mild Spleen Qi Deficiency 
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear local stagnation, tonify Spleen Qi, Soothe Liver Qi
Acupuncture Method: Dry needling, electro acupuncture, and aqua

Cannoli is starting to move easier and is less stiff.

Exam: Sensitive at ST36
Western Diagnosis: Weak tendons
Eastern Diagnosis: Liver Blood Deficiency, Phlegm from Spleen Qi Deficiency 
Acupuncture Treatment: Transform Phlegm, Tonify Spleen Qi and Liver Blood
Acupuncture Method: Dry needling, some aqua

Cannoli was being photogenic and enjoying his treatments

cannoli a            cannoli b


cannoli c