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February 2022 Cannoli & Bher

Behr Doodle and Cannoli are doing well and great and enjoying their weekly visits with Dr. Brannan. 

Exam: Right eye - red and tearing, non-pruritic; Tongue: pale pink, wet and slightly slimy; Pulse: superficial and forceful; cool-seeking on hard surface. Sensitive on BL-36.

Western Diagnosis: Conjunctivitis/Medial Patellar Luxation
Eastern Diagnosis: Liver Heat/Liver Yin and Blood deficiency/Phlegm secondary to Spleen Qi deficiency
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear Liver Heat/Tonify Liver Yin and Blood/Transform Phlegm and tonify Spleen Qi
Acupuncture Method: DN: GV-20 with Aqua B12 in An-shen; DN: GV-14 to Clear Heat and tonify Yin; BL-18/19 to tonify Liver Yin and Blood and benefit the eyes; BL-20 to transform Phlegm and tonify Spleen Qi; BL-23 to benefit the hind end; GB-34 as the Influential point for tendons/ligaments and local point for the stifle; LIV-8 to tonify Liver Yin and Blood and local point for the stifle; ST-35a/b for stifle pain and ligament disorders. Also local point for the stifle. Local and distal eye points: GB-1/14/37. Doesn't allow distal needles. Tui-na An-fa and Rou-fa: LIV-3 and GB-41 to clear the channels.

WE HAVE GREAT NEWS FOR CANNOLI!!! Cannoli has been adopted by his Humane Society foster. Owner reports that Cannoli is moving more easily in both rear legs. He is getting along well with owner's other dog.

Behr Doodle
Exam: Tongue: Pink; Pulse: full, left side weaker than right; BL-20-->BL-23 sensitive on the right side
Western Diagnosis: Osteoarthritis at the hips
Eastern Diagnosis: Bi-syndrome with Kidney Yin deficiency
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear Stagnation at the hips and along the spine; tonify Kidney Yin
Acupuncture Method: DN: GV-20; Bai-hui and Shen-shu for L/S and coxofemoral pain; BL-20/23 to tonify Spleen and Kidney and to clear sensitive areas by the spine; SP-9 and KID-3 for Yin deficiency; LIV-3 for Stagnation and to clear the channel; ST-36 to strengthen rear legs. EA: GB-30-->GB-30 F1=20, F2=0 for 10 min/F1=80, F2=120 for 10 min. Aqua B12: BL-54 and GB-29, bilaterally                       


                          behr doddle 1 v2       behr doddle 2 v2

Ber Doodle is enjoying his acupuncture, he even looks a bit sleepy   

  cannoli 1 v2                           cannoli 2 v2

Cannoli isn't far behind when it comes to sleepiness. Seems he is really enjoying his treatment and relaxing.