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  • August 31, 2021 Jupiter

Jupiter's Follow Up - August 31, 2021

Jupiter showed improvement 1 day after his first treatment, moving his legs and trying to stand. The urine control had increase some with the ventral abdomen and inguinal area being completely dry but upon putting pressure on the abdomen, urine flowed easily.  Minimal improvement was seen with the fecal incontinence. After 1 week of treatment he was able to stand and walk short distance. He had an ulcerated lesion on the right rear leg. He also appeared much less painful in the lumbo-sacral area. 
Western Diagnosis: Spinal cord compression Grade 4 at L4-S1 due to traume- post surgical. Paraparesis, urinary and fecal incontinence
Eastern Diagnosis: Qi Stagnation L4-S1 (BL Meridian), KID Qi deficiency, Wei Syndrome, Bi Syndrome
Acupuncture Treatment:  Clear Qi Stagnation, tonify KID Qi deficiency
Acupuncture Method:  Same balance method points were used but changed legs: BL- 40,60,64 (Right pelvic limb); KID- 1,2,3 (left pelvic limb); SI-1,2,8 (left thoracic limb); LU05,7,11 (right thoracic limb). Liu Feng was added in pelvic limbs. EAP- GV-14 + Wei Jian; BL-23+BL-35 both sides, parallel; Er Yan cranial + Er Yan cranial. DN Er Yan caudal. Circle the dragon was done on the central pad of the right rear foot.

Additional Note: Patient was not seen by Dr. Chevis after this date due to travel. Follow-up was done by Dr. Nathalia Rivera. Currently (10/27/2021) he is walking very well and even running. Urine control has increased considerably but he still has a diminished anal reflex but there seems to be better fecal control.