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  • August 24, 2021 Jupiter

Jupiter's First Visit - August 24, 2021

First Visit for Jupiter - August 24, 2021

Dr. Connie Clemons-Chevis saw cocker spaniel named Jupiter in August which was hit by a car on August 12. Jupiter was unable to stand up, control his bowels, had spinal cord compression Grade 4 at L4-S1 and cauda equina due to the trauma. The owner was of low economic means and the clinic offered a 50% discount for the needed surgery.  Obtaining the funds took over a week and stabilization surgery was performed using four screws and bone cement  for stabilization. The clinic was concerned about Jupiter ever regaining full function of his legs and urinary/fecal control.  The clinic requested Dr. Chevis' help for post care with acupuncture. So through IVM-Go, she took Jupiter under her wing  to help Jupiter and his owner with post care and continued support. Post surgery Jupiter was paraparetric with deep pain. There was uncontrollable urination which left the entire abdominal, inguinal and legs soaked in urine. There was no anal tone.
About Jupiter
1 year old, M, Cocker Spaniel
Wood Constitution 
Aggressive, tried to bite vet and vet tech
History: Hit by car
Western Diagnosis: Spinal cord compression Grade 4 at L4-S1 due to traume- post surgical. Paraparesis, urinary and fecal incontinence
Eastern Diagnosis: Qi Stagnation L4-S1 (BL Meridian),  KID Qi deficiency, Wei Syndrome, Bi Syndrome 
Acupuncture Treatment:  Clear Qi Stagnation, Tonify KID Qi
Acupuncture Method: Veterinary Balance Method was used; SI (System 1&5), LU (System 2&4), BL (System 6), SI-1,2,8 (right thoracic limb); LU-5,7,11 (left thoracic limb); BL-40,60,64 (Left Pelvic limb); KID-1,2,3 (Right pelvic limb). EAP- BH + Wei-Jian; BL-23-BL-35. F1= 40 Hz X 10mins; F1-80/F2=120 X 20 mins
Additional Treatments: Laser therapy was performed on an ulcerated lesion of the right rear central pad with MyPet Laser at setting #3 for 5 minutes.

 Jupiter first txment 2021 08 24 15 14 00

Jupiter relaxing while getting acupuncture after post surgery