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April 2022

Home life seems to be agreeing with Cannoli and he was diagnosed as being 15 lb overweight. Whoops! However, we have seen signs of improvement over the last month and some weight loss, so we are moving in the right direction. Cannoli was a bit grumpy for some of his treatments this month, his mood matched the Florida rainy weather but by the end of the month he was less grumpy and in better spirits for his treatments. Here is his latest treatment.

Exam: Tongue: red to purple and wet, mildly slimy Pulse: fast, wiry, weaker on the left Body temp: warm Still overweight, but he looks like he has lost a couple of pounds
Western Diagnosis: Medial Patellar Luxation
Eastern Diagnosis: Local Stagnation at stifles and hips; Phlegm with Yin Deficiency and Qi Deficiency
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear local Stagnation; Clear Heat; Clear Phlegm; tonify Yin and Qi
Acupuncture Method: Aqua B12: An-shen DN: GV-14; BL18; Bai-hui; Shen-shu; BL-54; ST-36; GB-34; SP-9; ST-40; ST-41; LIV-3; KID-3; BL-60


Behr Doodle is doing well but it seems the increasing humidity in Florida isn't agreeing with him 100% and we have seen some increase in his stagnation. Dr. Brannan expects the summer + Summer Heat to make Behr Doodle's clinical signs worse. Cooling Herbs would be helpful to combat the environment. He is also eating dry kibble which is hard on the Spleen digestion creating Heat and Phlegm. 

Behr Doodle
Exam: T: Bright pink with Lavender, slimy P: fast, wiry, and slippery; weaker on the left. BL-52 sensitive on palpation
Western Diagnosis: Osteoarthritis of the hips
Eastern Diagnosis: Bi Syndrome with Kidney Yin Deficiency. Stagnation at the hips +/- lumbar region with Phlegm
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear Stagnation at the hips; Transform Phlegm; Tonify Kidney Yin
Acupuncture Method: Aqua B12: An-shen DN: GV-14, BL-20 (sensitive), BL-23/52 (sensitive), Bai-hui, Shen-shu, BL-54, ST-40, LV-3 Aqua B12: GB29/30   


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