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  • Fund research, bringing more acceptance and awareness to the practice of TCVM

  • Compile national standards to bring consistency to TCVM practices and research

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TCVM Vet Student Clubs

The World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine's (WATCVM) mission is to unite the global TCVM community through the promotion and publication of research in all aspects of TCVM, by developing guidelines for TCVM practice. These guidelines include the standardization of acupuncture points and channels, and herbal medicine dosages and usage. This also includes raising funds through the WATCVM Foundation to financially support research and to provide scholarships for veterinary students and faculty members to pursue a TCVM education.

Benefits of Joining a Student Chapter of WATCVM

  • Free student membership with the WATCVM

  • Free access to the online American Journal of TCVM

  • Free access to the online quarterly TCVM Newsletter

  • Free access to the Case Discussion Forum to receive TCVM advice for clinical cases

  • Access to educational lectures and interactive wet labs organized by the TCVM club

  • Education on TCVM therapies used by thousands of veterinarians worldwide

  • Exposure to TCVM and the integrative or adjunctive modalities of this branch of medicine

Objectives of the Student Chapter

Complement veterinary students’ education by introducing TCVM as an integrative modality, to be used in combination with Western veterinary disease diagnosis and treatment methods, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle for our veterinary patients

  • Provide opportunities to improve acupuncture skills through presentations and hands-on laboratories

  • Provide student membership and affiliation with WATCVM

  • Promote public knowledge and awareness of the growing popularity of TCVM

  • Enhance leadership characteristics in its members through the organization of a student club

  • Encourage camaraderie among veterinary students with an interest in TCVM

  • Act as a liaison between TCVM practitioners and veterinary students

Responsibilities of the Student Chapter

  • Host speakers on the various TCVM modalities including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, food therapy, and Tui-na

  • Sponsor and organize trips to visit TCVM clinics

  • Host wet labs for veterinary students to gain additional acupuncture experience working with live animals

  • Help fund student member trips to TCVM-related conferences (i.e. Annual, International TCVM Conference)

  • Participate in Veterinary School Open House

  • Host various fundraising events (i.e. merchandise sales)

  • Invite TCVM practitioners to speak to veterinary students

For more information, please download the WATCVM Student Chapter Constitution and as an example, please view Washington State University TCVM Student Club's Constitution