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May 2023

Introducing Little Mama, a was very sweet black and white kitty who is about 7 years old. She was dropped off at HS by Good Samaritan. She was easy to treat. Liver enzymes have been tested twice and are coming down slowly.

May 9, 2023

Exam Finding: Shen is quiet; Tongue color = red, no coat, dry; Pulse = weak, fast and thin; Ear tips, nose and feet = cool. BL-18 is sunken/depressed. Jian-jiao and LIV-14 are sensitive. Her water intake is decreased, but she is receiving SQ fluids. Food intake = picky eater, will eat canned better than dry. She is warm-seeking and likes to sleep on soft surfaces. There has been no vomiting noted. No stool has been produced. The right ilium has shifted more cranially than the left ilium. Neither rear leg will extend and she doesn't want to walk. She had been chipped and is about 7 years old.
Western Diagnosis: She presented with elevated liver enzymes and presumptive diagnosis is Hepatitis from exposure to toxin plus unknown trauma. 
Eastern Diagnosis: Liver Yin Deficiency with SP Qi deficiency
Treatment Principles: Tonify Liver and Spleen
Acupuncture: DN: GV-20/GV-14/Bai-hui/Shen-shu/BL-18/BL-19/BL-21/ST-36/LIV-3/LV-14/ST-25. Shan-gen to stimulate appetite. Dr. Brannan also showed techs how to find the point for acupressure. Aqua B12 0.5ml at BL-18.

May 18, 2023

Little Mama was much more animated during treatment. Most of the needles were placed with Little Mama on the techs shoulder so fewer points were used. The tech reported that Little Mama really perked up after her last treatment with the B12. Dr. Brannan was not given access to many points. She was still a very sweet cat, just wiggly.

Exam Finding: Shen = great! Tongue color = Bright pink; Pulse = fast, Left side weaker than right side, but easier to locate; Jian-jiao was a little sensitive +. Body temperature is normal; Eating and drinking better, but she is still a little bit picky. No vomiting or diarrhea; feces are normal. Liver enzymes are back to normal. She is able to stand and walk around the room well enough to try to hide under cages. Right rear leg was resistant to full caudal extension; Left rear leg will fully extend slowly, but she did not want to hold the position. Right ilium is still cranial to the left ilium.
Western Diagnosis: Sacroiliac Luxation
Eastern Diagnosis: Tonify Kidney Qi. Tonify Liver since it had recent injury (resolved)
Treatment Principles: Tonify Liver and Spleen
Acupuncture: DN: BL-18/BL-23/Jian-jiao/Bai-hui/Shen-shu/BL-54. Aqua B12 0.5ml BL-21 to promote appetite.

Little Mama May 9th logo

May 18, 2023

Lula slept through her entire treatment and snored. She liked the cool floor as well.

Exam Finding: Shen = great; Tongue = rosy pink with a little lavender, no coat; Pulse = deep, weak, left side is weaker than the right side. Body temp is warm, but she came from outside where it is hot. +/- sensitive at Jian-jiao. Food and water is normal and a bit too much since she has gained too much weight. Feces and urination are normal. She no longer limps on her right rear leg (injured CCL). Her caregiver reported that she will typically gallop to her cage/run when being brought in. Today we did a "tune-up".
Western Diagnosis: Partial tear or strained/sprained CCL - resolved
Eastern Diagnosis: Liver Yin deficiency with mild Kidney Yin and Qi deficiency
Treatment Principles: Tonify Liver Yin and Kidney Yin/Qi
Acupuncture: GV-14/BL-18/BL-23/Bai-hui/Shen-shu/ST-36/GB-34/SP-9/LIV-8/KID-3 left/BL-60--> KID-3 right/LIV-3/GB-41. Aqua B12 1ml Jian-jiao + 1ml BL-54
Other Treatment: None. She has finished 2 bottles of donated Tendon Ligament 0.5g capsules 3 capsules bid

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Lula May 18 3 LOGO

May 30, 2023

Charcoal is a 6-8 month old male neutered Mixed Breed.

Exam Finding: Weight: 35lb, Constitution: Water; Shen: normal, but volunteer reports she is depressed; Tongue: Bright pink, moist, no coat; Pulse: wiry; Haircoat: dry; Body temp: neutral ear tips and nose with moisture; Appetite is decreased "because of depression", also has tapeworms. Likes cool and hard surfaces. Point sensitivity at ST-36, LV-8, and GB-34
Western Diagnosis: Partial tear of right CCL
Eastern Diagnosis: Stagnation of right stifle
Treatment Principles: Clear Stagnation at the right stifle and nourish and strengthen the ligaments
Acupuncture: DN: GV-20/BL-17/BL-20/SP-10/LIV-8/ST-36/GB-34/LIV-3 Manually, LI-4

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May 30, 2023

Ezra is a 6-8 month old F/S mixed breed dog; She has been at the HS for about 4 days days. Ezra tried to eat the needles in her feet.

Exam Finding:Her hind legs are weak and all over the place when she tries to move(ataxia). She fall to one side or the other multiple times when walking across the room. Constitution = Fire; Shen = great!; Tongue color = pink with no coat; Pulse = wiry; Haircoat = dry with lots of small flake dandruff; Ear tips and nose = warm and moist; Appetite = good; No temperature preferences noted. Not known if radiographs were taken.
Eastern Diagnosis: Stagnation at the hind end and Jing Deficiency
Treatment Principles: Clear Stagnation and strengthen the hind limbs and tonify Jing
Acupuncture:DN: GV-20/GV-14/Bai-hui/Shen-shu/KID-3/KID-6/LI-4/LIV-3/SP-9/BL-62/GB-34. Aqua: ST-36/BL-40/KID-10

No Photos of Ezra were taken during this visit.

Dr. Brannan learned that Behr Doodle who was sometimes dog aggressive and an escape artist was adopted about 1 month ago! He will hopefully have his forever home! He was at the Humane Society for well over a year and had been quickly returned 3 times prior to that.