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Community Outreach

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We are excited to announce the launch of Integrative VetMed Grassroots Outreach (IVM-GO) this July 2021. This new and upcoming, locally focused, pet assistance program utilizes volunteer WATCVM veterinary members to provide TCVM treatment for pets in shelters, rescues and other non-profit organizations. We are honored to have multiple global volunteers for the start of this new step forward for WATCVM. Check out our locations and follow our visits under the IVM-GO menu.

Are you interested in assisting?  Here is how!

1. Make a monetary donation to provide TCVM kits and keep them stocked for volunteers. Donate to IVM-GO project by clicking here.

2. Donate any of the following supplies to stock TCVM kits:

  • an older and functioning electro acupuncture unit
  • Acupuncture needles (non-expired, unopen) - SA size, EQ size + mac needles
  • Small bottles of alcohol (4oz)
  • Small bottles of hydrogen perocide (4 oz)
  • Lighters (small)
  • Moxa (regular) + holder/extinguser
  • Healing Salve (or equivelent)
  • Non-stick vet wrap
  • B12 (small bottles)
  • Syrings (luer lock) 3ml and 1 ml
  • 25g and 27g needles
  • 40u diabetic needles
  • Yunnan Biaoyao capsules (non-expired, unopen)
  • 4x4 gauze pads

Send to WATCVM, PO Box 141324, Gainesville, FL 32614

Contact us:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.