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2021 Annual International Conference of TCVM


Main Theme:

TCVM for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Kidney/Water Element Disorders in Dogs, Cats and Horses

Conference Lectures: November 18-19, 2021 (small animal and equine tracks) in Reddick, FL at Chi University

Conference Workshops: November 20-21, 2021 (5 optional workshops available)

Conference Lecture Registration Fee:
Small Animal or Equine Track (both are offered on-site and online as a virtual live conference with 3-month online access of recording)

  • $395 (super early bird registration rate by 4/18/2021)
  • $445 (early bird registration rate by 7/18/2021)
  • $495 (advanced registration rate by 10/18/2021)
  • $545 (normal registration rate after 10/18/2021)

Attendee may register for both tracks and receive a $200 discount. On-site attendees registering for both tracks will attend one track on-site and access the other track online for 3 months after the on-site conference.

Conference Workshops Registration Fee: $250 each (offered both on-site and online as a virtual live workshop with 3-month online access of recording; attendee must register for at least one conference track to register for the workshop)

  • Canine TCVM Pattern Diagnostics
  • Integrative Approach to Feline Medicine
  • Integrative Approach to Behavioral Problems
  • Integrative Approach to Exotic and Zoo Animals
  • Equine TCVM Scanning and Lameness Diagnostics

Attendees registering for 3 or more workshops will receive discounts as listed below. On-site attendees registering for all 5 workshops will choose 4 workshops to attend on-site and access the 5th workshop online for 3 months after the on-site conference.


  • Active WATCVM members: $-85
  • Register for both small animal and equine lecture tracks: $-200
  • Register for 3 workshops: $-100
  • Register for 4 workshops: $-225
  • Register for 5 workshops: $-350
  • Register for 5 workshops and both lecture tracks: $-100

On-site Conference Attendee Registration Fee Includes:

  • A hard copy of the conference proceedings picked up on-site
  • Reception dinner party
  • Lunch on each attending conference day
  • 3 months of online access when registering for both tracks
  • 3 months of online access when registering for all 5 workshops

Online Virtual Conference Attendee Registration Fee Includes:

  • A hard copy of the conference proceedings shipped in the mail
  • Live online virtual conference lectures and workshops
  • 3 months of online access to the registered lecture track(s) and workshop(s)

On-site Conference Only Add On Options:

  • Additional Conference Dinner Tickets: $40 (for each additional ticket, 1 ticket is included in registration fee)
  • Conference handout binder picked up onsite: $50 (This option is available for on-site attendees only; Attendees may download the printable binder pdf file from conference portal free of change).