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Dr. Louise Cheng Yu's TCVM Case Success Story

Saturday, 15 June 2019 04:22

Dr. Louise Cheng Yu is the owner of He Mei Pet Hospital, a primarily small animal veterinary practice in Chongqing, China. An expert on small animal ultrasound, she has been invited to Europe, Thailand, and Australia to provide ultrasound training, and since 2012, she has served as an ultrasound instructor for ESAVS to help guide foreign students. Dr. Cheng Yu also published the book Canine and Feline Abdominal Ultrasound Atlas. In 2017, she joined Chi Institute’s Certified Veterinary Acupuncture (CVA) program to pursue an education in traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM).

Cheng photo 1

Dr. Louise Cheng Yu’s case:

6/6/2019 (1st visit)

The dog presented with a very bad body odor that had persisted for 3 months. The dog’s owners loved to invite friends home for dinner, but due to the dog’s bad odor no one wanted to go to the owner’s home. The owner said the bad odor smelt like that of a dead rat. They brought the dog to 3 different hospitals to be examined but were unable to determine the cause of the problem.

Dr. Cheng Yu performed a color ultrasound on the dog and found many masses on the liver. Many other signs were also observed, including:

  1. Eyes were red with discharge in both eyes; the conjunctiva was red
  2. Tongue was purple and wet
  3. Pulse was weak on both the left and right, though weaker on the right
  4. Pus-like discharge in the right-side ear; the ear canal had edema and ulceration
  5. No cold or warm on the feet pads

TCVM Diagnosis: LIV/GB Damp Heat

According to Dr. Xie’s Red Book (TCVM Fundamental Principles), the liver issue can produce bad body odor and cause infection of the ear. Acupuncture treatment was performed and the Chinese herbal medicine, Long Dan Xie Gan, was given.  

Acupuncture Points:

  • GB-20, BL-10 to clear Wind and stop itching
  • BL-18, LIV-2, SP-6, SP-9, GB-34 to clear Damp Heat from the liver and gallbladder
  • BL-40, SP-10 to cool Blood to clear Heat
  • SI-19, TH-17, GB-3 are local points of ear

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Long Dan Xie Gan

Cheng photo 2  Cheng photo 3  Cheng photo 4            

6/13/2019 (2nd visit)

Seven days later the owner brought the dog in to be checked. The dog no longer had the bad body odor. The owner was happy to share that the dog had a very good quality of life and was sleeping well. The eyes were better, and the ear was much improved (see photos).

Cheng photo 5  Cheng photo 6


Cheng photo 7

The owner referencing Dr. Xie’s Red book (TCVM Fundamental Principles)