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August 17, 2021

Meet Hot Rod, an energetic 1-year-old lab mixed. He was found injured in March of 2021and taken to the Humane Society where he had been for the past 5 months. Sadly, it is suspected his injuries came from either a hit by a car or abuse where he was then dumped. Hot Rod is very loving after he gets over his mild fear aggression. He is extremely loyal and doesn't much care for being told 'no', a typically hyper lab. He is being fostered by a tech vet who started working at the Humane Society in May of 2021, fell in love with him and will complete the adoption process once the Humane Society's veterinarian clears him for adoption. 

About Hot Rod

1 year old, MN, Lab Mix
Fire; some Wood 
Curious at first, then fearful and territorial, then a complete love bug
Treat motivated

History: Found injured and taken to Humane Society, radiographs show possible injury to R tarsus, urinary incontinence, end of July showed some tail movement improvement
Western Diagnosis: Paralysis; hind legs
Eastern Diagnosis: Qi and Blood Stagnation of the spine
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear Stagnation, move Blood, Tonify Kidney Qi
Herbal Treatment: Double P II (1 cap po BID 1-2 days, then 2 capsule po BID)
Tui-na: Nian-Fa for toes, Roufa on Back-shu points T3-L7, An-fa on KI-1


     Hot Rod          Dr. Brannan putting needles in feet to stimulate Qi

                                 Meet Hot Rod                                                              Acupuncture to stimulate Qi


      Electro stimulation for spine         Hot Rod fell asleep during his electroacupuncture

      Acupuncture to stimulate the stagnation in the spine                    Hot Rod falls asleep during his electroacupuncture


       Dr. Brannan works on Hot Rods exam forms while he sleeps          Hot Rod did great for his aqua acupuncture

  While Hot Rod sleeps Dr. Brannan works on his exam forms      Hot Rod doesn't even wake during his aqua-acupuncture

How are Conrad and Josie you ask?

Conrad Follow Up

Conrad was excited and started giving lots of kisses in greeting and was more than happy to just lounge while getting his treatment.

Exam: Back-shu BL-18 and Jian jiao not sensitive unlike the last visit. No update on diarrhea
Western Diagnosis: Possible hip dysplasia or early arthritis; painful hips; soft feces, dog aggression
Eastern Diagnosis: Local Stagnation of Rear Limbs and joints, Liver Qi Stagnation, Spleen Qi Deficiency
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear Stagnation in rear, soothe Liver Qi, Tonify Spleen Qi

 Conrad gets nosy

Conrad gets 'nosy' while his needles are working and Dr. Brannan adds notes to his exam forms

conrad and aqua

Conrad doesn't miss a beat and does amazing for his aqua-acupuncture

Josie Follow Up

Josie was happy to see us again and a lot calmer on this visit, ready for some acupuncture. She had slipped and reinjured her hip and was limping heavily. However, after her treatment we saw definite improvement as she started redistributing her weight evenly on her hind legs instead of on one side.

Exam:  Limping on left side, slips a lot on the concrete floor, eyes red, conjunctivitis 
Western Diagnosis:  Subluxation of Left hip --> replaced into joint
Eastern Diagnosis:  Local Stagnation left hip; Phlegm
Acupuncture Treatment: Clear stagnation, and transform Phlegm and tonify Qi
Tui-na Treatment: Roufa over hips, Ca Fa on Stomach Meridian

Josie gets her re injured hip examined

Josie gets her hip and leg examine after re-injuring it from slipping on the concrete 

Josie relaxed while getting acupuncture

Josie relaxes while getting acupuncture 


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