About TCVM Research

As Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine becomes more widely accepted the need for TCVM research grows.  With more research, TCVM will have a bigger role in the veterinary medicine community.

Well-designed and properly conducted research is the key to the development of TCVM. Research is the most powerful tool in the recognition of TCVM as a vital tool in veterinary medicine because it is empirical. Research projects help us to contribute important knowledge of how and why TCVM works and to find new data, crate new ideas and make new discoveries.

It is our goal to conduct two acupuncture research projects and two herbal research projects. These hypothesis-based projects will investigate TCVM modalities including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, food therapy, and Tui-na. Projects will be chosen after research proposals have been evaluated by a team of experts of a TCVM research committee.

The cost to conduct four total research projects is $200,000, $50,000 for each individual project.
With these research projects we hope to learn more about  these topics and more:

  • Effect of any of the TCVM modality on arthritis, colic, post-operative pain relief in dogs, cats, or horses. 
  • Effect of any of the TCVM modality on injury of tendon, ligament or muscles in dogs, cats, or horses. 
  • Effect of any of the TCVM modality on chronic diseases such as hepatitis, renal failure, heart failure, recurrent uveitis, dermatitis, otitis, recurrent urinary tract infections, recurrent airway obstruction, inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Effect of any of the TCVM modality on neurological diseases including seizures and intertebral disc diseases. 
  • Quality-of-life improvement in animals with cancer receiving Western treatments.
  • Immune-mediated disorders in dogs and cats


TCVM Research


Furthering Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medical research means bringing more acceptance and awareness to the practice of TCVM. Scientific, evidence-based research will help to created more understanding and recognition of the subject. Research is the backbone of development. It not only brings validity to the practice of TCVM but it helps us to build more upon what we already know.